The “VIA inženjering“’s policy of quality is the most sublime principle and an integral part of the entire business policy of the company. We support its foundations applying a market-oriented business system, i.e. the quality management system principle. Therein lies the basic task of our company – constant improvement of quality regarding the overall business performance, with the aim of satisfying the needs and expectations of our clients.

We implement the quality policy of “VIA inženjering“ through:

  • marketing and market research, aimed at keeping the existing markets and conquering new ones, all within our company’s activities.;
  • development of designs, realization of technical control, supervision and other activities within the company “VIA inženjering“ 
  • successfully completed work, to the satisfaction of our clients;
  • process approach and team work during the execution of the planned and contracted works;
  • continuous improvement of service quality through keeping up to date with the latest innovative solutions in the area we represent and complying with all the laws and regulations, thus deserving the trust of clients and a competitive position on the market;
  • perfecting of employees’ knowledge and skills (seminars, training and courses, important for their work and contribution to the service quality);
  • meeting the demands of all stakeholders (clients, employees, suppliers, society as a whole).