Company “VIA inženjering d.o.o.“ was founded in January 2004 in Novi Sad.

Expertise, dedication and reliability have always been key qualities gracing our company’s performance.

The beginning of our work was marked by cooperation with local self-governments, primarily on the territory of Vojvodina (Apatin, Bela Crkva, Sombor, Pančevo...). We  have justified the given opportunity and trust by the high-quality creation of design and technical documentation. In that way we have become distinctive on the market, recognized as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Guaranteed success has been supported by the authority of professionals as well as by the use of special CAD softwares for road design (Gavran Civil Modeller), which were in the initial phase of application, in both Serbia and the surrounding region. 

Well finished projects brought new business contacts, thus increasing the number of employees. Among new clients ordering design documentation are the most respectable companies, such as: “VOJVODINAPUT”, “STRABAG”, “OMV”, as well as “KORIDORI SRBIJE LTD.” and “ROADS OF SERBIA”.

In 2005 already, we participated in the development of the preliminary design for the motorway on the corridor Vc, together with the Institute for Urbanism of the Republic of Srpska and IPSA Institute from Sarajevo. As partners of the enterprise “A.D. Projekt” (Banjaluka), we are designing the West Transit Road in Banjaluka.

In the period until 2010, in almost all Vojvodina self-governments, at least one of our designs had been implemented.

After this period, our company achieved a new business success by making a design for the construction of the semi-motorway (Y-intersection) with the first phase – connection of Motorway E-75 and the border crossing Kelebija, in the length of 24 kilometres.

In 2014, we were the first in Serbia to offer sustainable solutions for applying the cold recycling technology on the existing carriageways (CIPR). The wide application of this technology in Serbia has begun with our projects, which we are particularly proud of.

In 2016, we developed a methodology for dynamic surveying of road occurrences using a vehicle and we integrated all the systems on the vehicle independently. With the help of the company “CAD Solutions” from Belgrade, we have developed a software for collecting and processing data on road occurrences, which also comprises a package for traffic signage designing. 

We are aiming for the introduction of BIM technologies in designing and therefore we have made steady steps in that direction, although the application of BIM in infrastructure is a demanding and complex process. The first designs with integrated 3D models of the existing and the planned infrastructure have already been delivered to the investors.